How to Remove the Air From Your Pipes


The air inside your plumbing system can produce a strange noise when it’s trapped and not flowing properly. In order to avoid annoying noise from pipes, make sure that there is no air trapped inside the pipes. When you turn on a faucet and hear water sputtering or popping in your sink for example it means some kind of obstruction has been found within one of these crucial parts which processes all instructions sent by our body’s senses. Some of the common reasons for trapped air in your faucets are mentioned below:

  • Air gets inside while the installation of new pipes. 
  • Leaks in your plumbing system.
  • Malfunction or lose check valves.

But you can fix this plumbing problem by doing some simple steps to prevent air bumps and air bursts from coming out of your pipes.

Shut off your main water supply valve:

There should be a valve or switch somewhere in your home. Find your main water supply valve that allows you to turn off your water supply. You have to do this first otherwise anything you do is meaningless. If you can’t turn off your main water valve or it just will not budge when you attempt to turn it off. Do not force a stuck valve or it may break. Try spraying penetrating oil in it or heat the valve with a hairdryer. If nothing works, call a professional plumber for help.

Turn on every faucet:

Once you have turned off your main water supply valve. Turn on all the faucets to allow water and air to flow through every faucet in your home. Don’t turn the faucets on at full pressure, just make it enough for free-flowing water. Make sure, every connection that uses water needs to be turned on including the shower, dishwasher, and washing machine too. Open every faucet about halfway to let the air run out. 

Wait until all the taps stop running:

Keep all the faucets turn on until all water sources run dry. It may take some time depending on how much water your house was holding before turning the main valve off. You should flush the toilets too. Keep flushing until there is no water available.

Turn off all the faucets:

After you determined that no sounds come from all the running faucets in your home. Don’t forget to turn off all the taps you open. Once you have done all the faucets shut off, wipe every room and exterior of your apartment to ensure that no water flows from your faucets.

But if you still hear the sputters sound from the pipes when you run the pipes. Contact an experienced plumber to investigate and fix the issues. 

Turn on your main water supply valve:

When all your water sources have run dry, turn on your main water supply valve back. Once the valve is twisted, water should begin to flow through your faucets again. Let the water flow for 15 to 20 minutes to refill. Finally, walk around your home to detect any noisy water pipes. If there are no sounds, close all the faucets.